To most pilots of floating craft, a massive ice floe is a obstacle to be avoided. To the stand-up paddleboarders of Vladivostok, Russia, though, it’s something else: a challenge.

This past weekend, despite subzero temperatures, a few dozen athletes came out to paddle their boards around Ussuri Bay. But as one participant, Vladimir, later explained to SUPRacer, a shish kebab snack break on one of the many ice floes soon inspired a new plan.

“So many paddlers arrived that we thought, ‘Why not try and paddle the ice floe like it’s a giant board?’” Vladimir said.

Why not indeed? The paddle club, SUP Vladivostok, posted an action video on Instagram in which colorfully attired, psyched-up paddlers successfully set the (roughly) 80-foot floe to cruising. “A regular weekend in Vladivostok 🙈,” reads the caption below one photo.

According to the Siberian Times, stand-up paddleboarding, or SUP, has been gaining popularity in eastern Russia. “Many Vladivostok surfers continue paddling even in winter despite freezing temperatures,” the Times writes. Or maybe, one gets the feeling, because of them.

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