Sinkholes open up all over the world, swallowing everything in their path, including, it turns out, beloved pizzerias. Which was bad news, recently, for a small, family pizza place in Crooksville, Ohio, that was torn down Friday after a 20-foot deep sinkhole opened up beneath it.

Sprankle’s Village Pizza, the first pizza joint in the village of Crooksville, has stood on its spot on Main Street for almost 50 years, but couldn’t survive a hole that swallowed a portion of the porch and interior of the building, condemning the building, according to 10TV.

The Sprankle family believes the sinkhole was a result of erosion from a nearby creek, in addition to constant shaking from rail tracks. Demolition may cost up to $20,000 in village funds, though residents told 10TV they’re just sad Sprankle’s will be gone.

“It makes my stomach hurt,” one neighbor told the station.

RIP Sprankle’s.