On Sunday, Amanda Charsova, who runs a Bay Area company that rents carnival games, posted some distressing news: A 25-foot-long trackless electric train for children, valued at $60,000, had been stolen.

The colorful train had been stored in a large black trailer, and that’s what was taken from a company parking lot in Pleasant Hill, California. “Please keep your eyes out for a large black trailer with a pointed front that’s looks like the picture I posted below,” Charsova wrote on Facebook. “Also please keep your eyes open for the beautiful train.”

Indeed, people kept their eyes open. On Monday, Charsova reported some good news. A Facebook user, Laura McCollum-Perkins, spotted the trailer sitting behind a yoga studio in Walnut Creek, a couple miles south of where it was taken. The train was still inside.

Ed Sossamon, 58, the company’s owner and Charsova’s father, told the East Bay Times that the episode had renewed his faith in humanity, and in Facebook, “which I always thought was stupid.”

“A huge THANK YOU from my entire family!” Charsova wrote Monday. “Now the kids this weekend do not need to be disappointed.” McCollum-Perkins has been gifted a free appearance from the ride at the nonprofit event of her choice.

Please do not steal small electric trains that are designed for children.