Halloween is just 10 days away, which means more homes are sporting pumpkins, tombstones, spider webs, and other creepy decorations. But the elaborate maze of ghoulish décor at this house in San Marcos, California will be hard to beat.

Unofficially named the “Best Decorated Halloween House 2015,” the property in San Marcos certainly embraced the Halloween spirit. Trick-or-treaters were amazed by the house’s LED lights, fog machines, animated skeletons, and terrifying lunging cats (check it out at the 4:44-mark). There’s even a soaring ghost that greets visitors. The wired rig sends the ghost between the haunted house to the neighbors across the street.

The whole front yard is transformed into a cemetery filled with tombstones that project skeleton heads, and an animatronic monster tree terrorizes the gateway. People can take a gander inside the garage where there’s a whole miniature Halloween town and mad scientist’s laboratory. There are projections in the window, and the homeowners put a skeleton in the passenger seat of their car. 

At the 1:55-mark you can hear a youngster exclaim, “I’m scared.” We don’t blame you, kid.

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