Some places just always call you back.
Some places just always call you back. pxsphere/Public Domain

Once or twice a year I travel from New York to Salt Lake City, Utah, where I grew up. These trips are often necessitated by old friends’ weddings or family obligations (visiting my family is a joy, not an obligation, Hi, Mom!). But increasingly I find myself returning for more personal reasons. Specifically, whenever I’m able to slip away, I stop by a semi-hidden staircase on a hill that cuts between a number of downtown apartment buildings. Years ago I would sit in the middle of that staircase, surrounded by tall buildings on every side, and fantasize about living in a big city like New York. It’s pretty much just an unremarkable alleyway, but that spot became incredibly important to me. Even though my life (not to mention the city surrounding that staircase) has changed drastically over the years, I love to return there, and to those moments when that unremarkable alley held all the possibility in the world for me.

When we get the opportunity to travel, it can feel almost like a responsibility to explore someplace new. But for many of us, there are also places that just keep calling us back, again and again. Maybe it’s a specific scenic view that’s managed to lodge itself permanently in your memory. Or perhaps it’s that one restaurant, the one that you end up planning whole trips around, just to experience some unforgettable dish, one more time. No matter where it is, we want to hear about the place you keep returning to.

Fill out the form below to tell us about the place you you can’t stay away from. We’ll collect some of our favorite reader responses in an upcoming article. If you have pictures of your chosen place that you’d like to share, you can email them to, with the subject line, “Returning.” We can’t wait to hear about the place so nice you visited twice (or three, or eight, or 100 times)!

If you have a place of your own that you just can’t stay away from, head over to our community forums and tell us about it!