An 18-month-old German Shepherd that fell off a fishing boat was found alive earlier this week after having gone missing at sea for more than a month. 

Luna fell off the boat on February 10, about two miles from San Clemente Island in southern California. Her owner, identified as Nick Haworth, immediately reported his missing dog to authorities, saying then that Luna was a good swimmer and he thought she could make it to shore.

But a search of the island by the U.S. Navy turned up nothing. Haworth also looked, but gave up after two days, writing on Facebook, “RIP Luna, you will be greatly missed.” 

Yet on Tuesday, Navy officers on the island spotted Luna on a road, tail a-wag, a Naval spokeswoman says

After she was positively identified, they called Haworth to inform him of the news. Haworth is set to be reunited with his hardy dog on Thursday night. 

“Beyond stoked to have Luna back,” he wrote on Facebook. “I always knew she was a warrior.”