Sometimes a weapon is whatever you have on hand. (Photo: webandi/CC0)

Sometimes, the daily grind gets you down. You try to judge situations on a case-by-case basis, and link them together for broader understanding, but occasionally, the wurst comes out anyway. All this is to say: in Germany last weekend, one man attacked a second man’s car with a sausage.

According to the Local, the attack occurred on Saturday evening. The first man and his son were walking through the city of Neubrandenburg, when the second man drove around the pair and parked directly in front of them. The first man began shouting, so the second man exited the BMW and began shouting, too, and soon the two were grappling with each other.

“Finally, the [first man] reached for the only weapon he had to hand, a 30 cm sausage,” writes the Local. He hurled the sausage at the BMW, and the force of the throw, combined with the metal clip at the end of the sausage, left a one-centimeter dent in the right rear door.

Both men are being charged with verbal assault, and the sausage-thrower is also being charged with property damage. In the meantime, one likes to imagine that he’s hung the weapon on his wall, like a spicy sabre.

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