A massive typhoon that some are calling a super typhoon is set to make landfall in Taiwan on Friday morning, with what authorities are saying could be disastrous results. 

The typhoon, called Nepartak, a Micronesian word meaning warrior, is gaining strength as it approaches the island nation, with some winds recorded at over 200 mph. Authorities have declared it a Category 5 storm, or the most severe, according to the Associated Press, the third such storm this year. 

The typhoon has brought Taiwan to a halt, as huge waves preceding the storm’s landfall batter the country. Airplanes are grounded, boats moored, and residents have boarded up windows in preparation. 

The storm is also later expected to hit mainland China, but will weaken as it moves across Taiwan. Even so, Chinese authorities are preparing for what could be a return to flooding that has been deadly there in recent days. 

The deadliest typhoon in recorded history in Taiwan struck the country just seven years ago, with Typhoon Morakot being blamed for over 650 deaths, with dozens of bodies, after hours of mudslides and flooding, that were never found