Life had been rough to Shinda, a 24-year-old gorilla kept at the Prague Zoo in the Czech Republic (which we are now supposed to call Czechia). She had gone through several miscarriages, and, as the years rolled on, put on some extra weight.

But for the past eight months, she was carrying with a her a happy secret: a baby. On Saturday, Shinda gave birth, shocking zookeepers who had not noticed that she was pregnant, according to the Associated Press. (Even for thin gorillas, pregnancy can be tough to spot because of their body shape.) 

“It seems that a miracle happens from time to time,” Miroslav Bobek, the zoo’s director, told the AP

Shinda and her baby are healthy and doing well, Bobek said.

If you’re in Prague, consider stopping by. Shinda and her newborn are already on view.