Untapped Cities joined us in San Francisco for a gorgeous day’s walk exploring the overlooked wonders - Shipwrecks! Semaphore stations! Labyrinths! - of city’s northwesternmost corner, known as Land’s End:

Atlas Obscura is permanently book marked on my computer. It is my go-to-place for out of the way things to do whenever I hit a city and have some time to spare. They have taken me to the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, shown me the world’s smallest public park in Portland and made my car hum the William Tell Overture somewhere in California.

Today, however, they took me to a few spots in my very own backyard. Along with fellow Untapped writer Sarah Grimes we toured the Lands End area with a group of guides from Atlas Obscura. As these guides are all as curious about everything they see as I am, it made for great conversations about most everything “San Francisco” under the sun.

Atlas Obscura Hikes San Francisco’s Land’s End on Untapped Cities>