What wonderful road name will you never forget?
What wonderful road name will you never forget? Robert Ashworth/CC BY 2.0

From Holbrook, Arizona’s Bucket of Blood Street to Warp Drive in Sterling, Virginia, some of our favorite road names are creepy, funny, or just plain strange. We’re on the hunt for more of these oddly named streets and avenues all over the world, and we need your help.

Maybe it’s an unforgettable street name you encountered while traveling. Or it might be a lane you pass by every day that always makes you smile. So long as it’s evocative, hilarious, or out-of-the-ordinary, we want to hear about it.

Using the form below, tell us about the most unforgettable street name you’ve ever encountered. Also, we really want to see these names in action, so if you can, please email a picture of the street sign to eric@atlasobscura.com. Down the road, we plan to collect your submissions into a larger project that we’ll eventually publish on the site. In the meantime, keep those amazing street names coming!