Ice cream is already a captivating substance, but when created from a nitrogen-infused liquid by hand before your eyes, it becomes completely hypnotic.

These ice cream rolls are a common street food item across Thailand. How it works it that the liquid nitrogen basically flash freezes the cream while it’s being tossed on the metal, temperature-controlled surface. Toppings such as fruits and cookies can also be mixed in. After the mixture has been adequately diced, kneaded, and slapped around, it’s spread thin and then formed into delicate rolls ready to melt on the tongue.

If you can’t make it to Thailand, you might be able to find other versions of nitrogen ice cream in a city near you, at a place like the -321 Ice Cream Shop in Brooklyn, New York or anywhere stocking Dippin’ Dots. But, alas, you’ll have to hop on a plane for the real stuff.

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