Remember in elementary school, when you made a baking soda and vinegar volcano on the floor of your family’s kitchen, and you piled the papier-mâché higher and higher, and you said to yourself, “This is going to be the biggest one ever?”

You were wrong. As of Sunday, July 23rd, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry most likely holds that title, having constructed—and set off—a 34-foot volcano of this type, Oregon Live reports.

The volcano, which was built to go along with the Pompeii exhibit currently on view, started life as a skein of scaffolding outside the museum. Over the course of a short while, its builders added a garbage bag-type surface, and the volcano—now appropriately brown and lumpy, and about twice as tall as your average giraffe—waited for its time to shine.

On Sunday, that time came. As about 3000 cheering spectators counted down, museum employees poured 66 gallons of vinegar, 50 gallons of baking soda and water, and some quantity of red food dye into repositories inside the volcano. Soon after, two spurts of pink fizzy “lava” began spitting out of the top, and everyone cheered wildly, except for a few cranks on Reddit.

The record-related paper work is being prepared, and will soon be sent to Guinness for verification. But one thing is for sure: they outdid you.

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