Clear blue water laps against an icy shore. Snowy peaks surround a mass of deep blue. Look down from a bird’s-eye view of a small village and its red roofs are covered with a blanket of snow.

Welcome to the Lofoten islands, a remote archipelago in Norway. Visitors sail through its famous fjords, stay in lakeside cabins or stroll across steep cliffs. This drone video, shot by 3D Robotics, is an exquisite capturing of the expanses of water and mountainside. 

You imagine how cold that water is, or what it would be like to drive across that frozen bridge. It feels like you’re there without even leaving your laptop. And residents of Lofoten might prefer it that way.

The mayor of Flakstad, a municipality in the region, has complained recently that too many tourists have been descending on Lofoten. Officials say backpackers are drawn to the area because of the number of Hollywood blockbusters that use the landscape, reported the GuardianThe number of people who came to the Lofoten islands increased by 20 percent after the Disney hit Frozen, which had the backing of the Norwegian tourist board. A Matt Damon film currently being shot there is also expected to increase tourism. 

The Hollywood attention has put a strain on local infrastructure and the environment. The just over 20,000 permanent residents have complained about the influx of cars and vans, and the visitors who have eroded the paths to the most scenic beaches. 

Perhaps we could all do the population of the Lofoten islands a favor. Rather than booking a flight, watch this video, and marvel at their spectacular home from the convenience of your desk. 

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