Salvador Dali: famous eccentric, leader of the surrealist art movement, chef extraordinaire, face of Lanvin chocolates.

If one of these things is not like the rest, let’s keep in mind that in Dali’s universe, nothing makes more sense than something that is out of place. Seen this way, this 1968 advertisement that he did for Lanvin —a brand of chocolates that is part of the Nestlé group— is exactly what you’d expect from him.

With Beethoven as a soundtrack, and snow-covered mounts on the background, he breaks off a piece of chocolate with swift, precise movements that make the common action seem like a deliberate act of rebellion. After he takes one bite, his eyes roll all the way back as he is lost in the pure ecstasy of the flavor, and his iconic mustache shoots up like the hands of a broken clock. Looking at the camera with intense, wide eyes, he declares: “I am crazy for Lanvin chocolate.”

It’s the perfect ad for those who like their chocolate sprinkled with surrealism.

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