Squadron of Hope - Raja Ampat,Indonesia. from Nu Parnupong on Vimeo.

Dive into the underwater paradise of Raja Ampat in Indonesia with this visually captivating video. Shot by underwater photographer and videographer, Nu Parnupong, Squadron of Hope showcases breathtaking scenes of migration in some of Indonesia’s most beautiful islands.

Raja Ampat is an archipelago that constitutes more than 100 islands and is part of the Coral Triangle—the world’s most biodiverse marine habitat. The triangle boasts three-fourths of the world’s coral species and marine animals like long-horned pygmy devil rays, which appear in the video attacking a group of silverside fish.

The archipelago was once a hub for shark poachers and, as such, was under constant threat. Thankfully, it is now a Marine Protected Area, which means that its wonderful biodiversity, and scenes like the ones captured in the video will stick around for a while longer.

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