We’re living in crazy times, and sometimes you’ve got to take a few minutes to blow off some steam. Two men in China did just that last weekend, taking to the streets for a dramatic fireworks duel.

Each man began with a packet of fireworks attached to a long stick. They then lit their packets and ran to and fro in the empty road, screaming. After a few moments, the fireworks began to go off, and smoky masses of green and red sparks blasted across the road. When it was over, the two ran off, cackling.

The People’s Daily posted a video of the fight on Twitter, where people responded appropriately. “This looks fun as hell though in an odd way,” one viewer remarked.

The occasion was Spring Festival Eve, the night before the Lunar New Year. On the Chinese calendar, we just crossed over into the Year of the Fire Rooster. Congratulations, guys—this is absolutely something a fire rooster would do.

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