Falcons on a plane.
Falcons on a plane. Imgur

Eighty falcons flying together would be a grand sight wherever they were.

But eighty falcons flying together… on a plane?!

The above photo was posted by Reddit user lensoo, with the comment “My captain friend sent me this photo. Saudi prince bought ticket for his 80 hawks.”

In the photo, about thirty of the birds (which are falcons, not hawks) are visible, hooded and ready for takeoff. They appear to be perched on planks of wood that have been laid out on the seats for the occasion. Plane travel is fairly common for hunting falcons in the Gulf States, and many airlines have their own rules and regulations for skybound birds.

It’s not clear exactly where these came from, where they were headed, or what airline they chose. But odds are good that each one has his or her own falcon passport—which now has one more stamp.

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