On June 30, Wichita State University announced that it would be repainting a massive water tower near campus. For the job, they secured 800 gallons of paint to cover the tower, as well as between 100 and 125 gallons to paint the university’s new logo—all specifically designed to last up to 50 years. When the new paint job was finished, it was clear something had gone wrong with their plan. Well, two things had gone wrong.

Almost just as quickly as “WICHITA STATY UNIVERSITE” was discovered (setting certain parts of Twitter on fire), it was fixed, according to The Wichita Eagle.

Well, it was fun while it lasted. After all, as the June release said, “City crews have been working hard to make the Wichita State water tank a source of pride for the WSU community.” Quickly correcting one’s errors? That can be a source of pride, too.