A nature book like no other—a dazzling, over-the-top collection of the world’s most extraordinary wild species that takes you to all seven continents and beyond. It’s more than a field guide—it’s an adventure.

Featuring over 500 extraordinary plants, animals, and natural phenomena, with illustrations and photos on every page, the book takes readers around the globe—from Antarctic deserts to lush jungles, and into the deepest fathoms of the ocean and the hearts of our densest cities. Teeming with detail and wildly entertaining, Wild Life reinvigorates our sense of wonder, awe and amazement about the incredible creatures we share our planet with.

Whether you’re armchair exploring or planning your next real-life adventure, Wild Life makes the natural world feel vivid, magical, and spectacularly real. Discover the hidden natural wonders right in your backyard or explore mind-bending symbiotic relationships on the other side of the world.