The otherworldly terrain, neon lights, and rugged history of Nevada have long inspired artists. This is a state where prehistoric petroglyphs co-exist with open-air installations conceived by world-famous contemporary artists. For more than 10,000 years, Nevada’s uncanny environs have been the ultimate muse.

There is perhaps no better place to experience this phenomenon than on Highway 95 (aka the “Free-Range Art Highway”) from Las Vegas to Reno, where works of art appear like mirages in the Nevada desert.

That’s why we’re offering $10,000 to a pair of artists for “The Fellowship of Highway 95.” While on the trip we’ll ask the winners to explore the route’s artistic legacy together and collaboratively create a body of work inspired by their encounters on the road and their unique creative chemistry.

Interested applicants are asked to apply as a team. The Fellowship of Highway 95 will award two artists (all mediums welcome) with a full stipend to traverse the Free-Range Art Highway. In addition to airfare and a rental car, Atlas Obscura will provide the recipients with $5,000 each ($10,000 total) for lodging and incidentals. While on the five-day trip, the selected artists will be expected to create a travelogue documenting the experience and artistic process. Upon returning home, we will work together to publish the completed body of work on Atlas Obscura and TravelNevada’s channels.

In 2017, Atlas Obscura selected the artist Paul Johnson to take a solo journey across Nevada’s Highway 50 (also known as ‘The Loneliest Road in America”) as part of “The Fellowship of the Loneliest Road.” Along Highway 50, Johnson created a series of animated earthworks that spoke to Nevada’s history and geology in addition to his own personal, solitary experience on the road. This spring, rather than solitude, we’re asking people to focus on the camaraderie created by a shared vision.

Fellowship applications will be judged based on four broad criteria:

  • The originality and feasibility of the proposal
  • The plan to integrate Highway 95/Nevada into the work
  • The artists’ demonstrated creative dynamic
  • The work’s ability to be displayed on digital channels

[UPDATE: 6 p.m. EDT, January 24, 2018] The contest entry period has closed. Thanks to all who entered. The winners will be announced via Atlas Obscura’s social media channels on February, 15, 2018.

You have until January 24 at 6 p.m, EST to apply. Questions? Email

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