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Strange Stories and Stranger Things

Here at Atlas Obscura, we love to delve into the unusual. From secret government experiments to spooky natural phenomena, we are intrigued by stories that prove that truth is stranger than fiction and that there may be more to fiction than we first believed to be true. This collection of stories is about our world at its most uncanny.

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The Secret Life of a Long Island Military Installation

Camp Hero, an abandoned radio station, is a hub of questionable activity. Or so they say.

The Island of Animal Experiments

New York's Plum Island has been the source of so many conspiracy theories over the years.

The True Villain in the Salem Witch Trials

The psychosis that took over the Massachusetts city might have been caused by mold.

The Scientist Who Thinks He Found Proof of a Parallel Dimension

Not sci-fi, just science.

Uncovering the Dark Secrets of Small Town Indiana

Behind the smiling faces and quiet streets, all is not how it seems in Hawkins, Indiana.

How Alaska's Creepiest Research Station Got Its Reputation

It all started with caribou walking backward.

The Time When the U.S. Conducted Telepathic Experiments at Fort Meade

Our government's dip into the paranormal is a matter of public record.

The Persistent Mystery of the Kokomo Hum

A small town's residents say a strange noise is giving them headaches—and worse.

Inside the 'Quietest Town in America'

Green Bank, West Virginia is a place without internet—or even microwaves.

The Mystery Behind the Ozark Spooklight

Even an Army Corps study couldn't determine its source.