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Brioche con Gelato

Some Sicilians start their day with this decadent combination.

It’s morning in Sicily and, for some diners, that means one thing: brioche con gelato, a typical breakfast item consisting of a brioche bun stuffed with a couple of scoops of gelato. You can eat it like a sandwich, biting through the solid mass, or scoop off bites with a small spoon. A combination of the two methods seems to work best.

Classic flavors include pistachio, hazelnut, and stracciatella, but you can also find unusual gelato varieties such as tiramisu or cannoli. Some shops will offer panna, a thick whipped cream, to top off the gelato encased in sweet bread. As you chip away at this behemoth, the gelato melts and soaks into the eggy bread, making each bite better than the last.

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