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Burying Bourbon

In the American South, some believe it deters rain on one's wedding day.

Couples set on getting married in the great outdoors have to consider the possibility of inclement weather on their big day. In the American South, some attempt to control the conditions (to prevent rain, specifically) by burying bourbon. No one seems to be able to trace the origin of this ritual, but Southern weddings are hosted outside so often that burying bourbon to deter rain has assumed a place at the table of traditions right alongside tossing the bouquet.

To complete this folk ritual, couples visit their wedding site one month before the ceremony, with a full bottle of barrel-aged Kentucky whiskey (or sometimes a jar of homemade hooch) in hand. They dig a hole, place the bottle inside, making sure it’s upside-down, and cover it up. After tying the knot, they unearth the lucky charm and share it. Save for the crusty layer of dirt covering the bottle, it’s a pretty romantic gesture.

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