Canelazo - Gastro Obscura



A sweet, warm cocktail to chase away the chill of Andean nights.

Known for its aromatic and alcohol-infused punch, the canelazo is perfectly constructed to warm you up during cold winter months in the Andean highlands. Found in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, and northern Argentina, this cocktail is especially popular during the holiday season. While spirits and spices vary, a canelazo typically consists of water, cinnamon, grated panela (unrefined cane sugar), and aguardiente (a spirit made from sugarcane, or, in the case of Colombia, sugarcane and anise). Many vendors add in local juices, such as naranjilla, for a fruity kick.

Typically consumed after a filling meal, the canelazo is especially popular on the streets of Ecuador’s capital city, Quito. Vendors begin by boiling the water, sugar, and juice, along with a hefty amount of aromatics. When the mixture turns thick, they add the liquor. Boozy, fragrant, and warm, it all adds up to the perfect cold-banishing cocktail.

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