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Heaven and Earth

This German comfort food unites earthbound potatoes with apples from above.

In the dish “Heaven and Earth,” apples (from the heights of trees, a bit closer to the heavens) unite with potatoes (from the earth).

Typically, Germans serve this filling comfort food with black pudding, also known as blood sausage. The pairing of mashed potatoes and hot apple compote (which some chefs mix together) occasionally complements other meat dishes such as chicken or pork chops. Restaurants and home cooks alike often finish the whole dish in another sweet-meets-savory accoutrement: caramelized or fried onions.

Be on the lookout for a taste of Himmel und Erde, also written as Himmel un Ääd, in the Rhineland, Lower Saxony, and Westphalia regions of Germany, particularly in the winter.

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