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For special occasions, Norwegians stack 18 rings of cake into a tower.

Around the world, holidays are an excuse for ambitious baking projects. But few are as architecturally impressive as the Kransekake, a Norwegian and Danish speciality.

The Kransekake (or Kransekage in Danish) is a type of tower cake. Bakers make its rings from almond flour, egg whites, and sugar, and arrange them from largest to smallest in a precarious-looking stack of pastry.

A Kransekake generally has 18 (or more!) layers and can be made freehand or in specially made Kransekake pans. Ideal rings will be stiff enough to stack easily but soft and chewy enough to eat.

The Kransekake can be featured at all manner of holidays, but it’s especially common to see one at weddings or around Christmastime. Some recipes have flour in them, but the classic version is gluten-free. The main danger of the Kransekake is that it will slowly tilt to one side, until it topples over in a less elegant heap. But it will still be extremely tasty.

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