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Pet de Soeur

French Canadians find “nun’s farts” addictively delicious.

Some pastries are so scrumptious that nothing will deter fans from tearing into one—not even giving it an off-putting name. The French-Canadian pet de soeur (“sister’s fart”) is no exception.

Québécois often bake the flaky spirals of dough during holidays. The pastry, glazed in butter, brown sugar, and occasionally cinnamon, pays crass homage to the nuns who first made it, and it’s significantly tastier than the title implies.

Regarding its name, explanations abound. Some say it stems from the sound the dough makes as it’s being fried in oil. Others tell tales of one nun’s fart causing such hysterical laughter that another sister accidentally dropped some dough in oil.

To further complicate pet de soeur’s identity, French bakers deep-fry dough puffs—akin to beignets—that go by the same name. Regardless, should you try your hand at preparing either version of this simple delight at home, be sure to yell, “It’s fart time!” when they’re ready.

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