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Reindeer Dog

Made with reindeer meat and topped with Coca-Cola-glazed onions, this snack once drew lines down the block in Anchorage.

During its heyday, the reindeer dog drew lines down the block at lunchtime in downtown Anchorage. The uniquely Alaskan sausage blends reindeer (or caribou, since they’re the same species) meat with pork or beef and gets topped with grilled, Coca-Cola-glazed onions (ketchup, mustard, and relish might also make an appearance). The meaty mixture tastes like a milder, less gamey venison.

After the death of Anchorage’s most famous reindeer dog vendor in 2016, fervor over the sausage has subsided, but you can still find street vendors selling them downtown. The Alaskan dog has even migrated to warmer climes, such as Denver and Portland, where vendors armed with caulking guns can make the meaty treat “Seattle style” by squeezing a layer of cream cheese on top.

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