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The Lunchbox

Oklahoma City's signature cocktail calls for a frosty mug, a shot of amaretto, Coors Light, and orange juice.

Edna’s in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, has served more than two million Lunchboxes. So named because it has “a little bit of everything you need,” this alcoholic medley began with off-the-menu monkeying behind the bar (much like Brooklyn’s pickleback). Edna Scott, founder of the namesake establishment, created the concoction in the late 1990s while attempting a different drink. The accident was such a revelation that buzz about town brought the creation a local cult following.

Every Lunchbox begins with an amaretto-filled shot glass sitting inside a frosted beer mug. Bartenders fill about three-quarters of the mug with Coors Light, then top it off with orange juice. Both freezers behind the bar are dedicated to keeping Edna’s well-stocked with frosty mugs, which, according to the bar founder’s grandson, is an essential element of the drink.

Today, Oklahoma City residents see the Lunchbox not only as an iconic staple of its mother bar, but of the city itself. Today, Edna’s sells everything from Lunchbox-themed underwear to flavored lip balm. They also make a dozen or so variations on the classic combination, including a cranberry juice rendition (the Docbox) and a crème de cacao–laced iteration (the Tootsie Roll Box).

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