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13 Great Green Foods to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

From pandan crepes to minty cocktails, there are better options than dyed beer.

I love St. Patrick’s Day. Both sides of my family hail from the Emerald Isle and my father—Thomas Patrick O’Brien—was born on March 17. Every year, we sing our favorite Irish songs, raise pints of Guinness, and wear our green with pride. But this pride has its limits: As much as I love the rolling verdant hills of my ancestral home, I cringe when I see green-tinted pitchers of Bud or the annual dyeing of the Chicago river.

For anyone looking to add a splash of color to their St. Patrick’s Day, there are better options—especially when it comes to your holiday menu. Before reaching for the food coloring, why not try a food that’s already green, such as pandan leaf extract, pistachio pudding, or crème de menthe? Here are 13 extraordinary green foods and drinks to add to your St. Patrick’s Day spread.