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9 Unusual Ways to Explore Maine's Food Scene

From a blueberry museum to popovers in a national park, Maine has something for every appetite.

Some of the best trips are those driven by our appetites. We might travel across the world, or the country, to try a new dish, or learn about a new cuisine. We let our noses and our stomachs and our curiosity guide us towards a new understanding of ingredients, and how other people appreciate them. In the U.S., one of the greatest places to do this is the state of Maine.

While Maine is perhaps best known for lobsters, blueberries, and maple syrup—reason enough to book it up there—its rich food culture extends well beyond those matinee idols. Thanks to the state’s rich farmlands, its long coastline, and its industrious residents, it’s also a hotbed for brewing, preserving, smoking, and creatively celebrating the state’s natural bounty. (And for a bit of high-low balance, it’s also got one of the most intriguing McDonalds in the country.) There’s just as much to sit and savor as there is to obsess over and take home with you.

In this list, you’ll find stories of people honoring beloved ingredients, of baked goods served over pristine ponds, and of McFlurries whizzed up in historic mansions.

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