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Off-Centered Ale Trail: Charlotte

Dogfish Head Brewery and Atlas Obscura's summer guide to the Queen City.

Although Charlotte is full of activities and attractions, our summer city guide steers clear of mainstays like the NASCAR Hall of Fame and the water rides at Carowinds. Instead, we’ve collected six slightly off-kilter points of interest, inspired by Dogfish Head Brewery’s new cans.

Our parallel to 60 Minute IPA is a trip back in time to prehistoric Mecklenburg County, at a site that served as campsite and lookout post for generations of  the region’s earliest residents. We’re celebrating Flesh & Blood IPA with a graveyard scavenger hunt: a search for the partial grave of the Hilton sisters, conjoined twins who had a successful career on the 20th century vaudeville circuit where they performed with Charlie Chaplin and Harry Houdini. And for SeaQuench Ale, we’re heading north to Lake Norman, to keep an eye out for the monster that supposedly lurks in its depth.

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