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Off-Centered Ale Trail: Cleveland

A tour along the Lake Erie coast with Atlas Obscura and Dogfish Head Brewery.

Our Ale Trail through Cleveland starts where it all began: the Dunham Tavern, which has both a beer-drinking history and the distinction of being the oldest building in town. (Dogfish Head Brewery, of course, has their own brewhub, complete with a steampunk treehouse.)

Our other unusual destinations across the 216 encompass the haunted, the historic, the dead, and the living. Our companion spot to SeaQuench Ale is iconic steamer ship William G. Mather, which operated in the Great Lakes for over half a century. Flesh & Blood IPA is captured in a creepy grave marker that appears to weep black tears. And although Olympic hero Jesse Owens’ many feats took place in seconds rather than minutes, we’ll use a 60 Minute IPA to raise a toast.

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