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7 Drive-Ins Where You Can Catch a Film in Style

A retro movie-going experience perfect for summer nights.

There’s nothing like going to the movie theatre for a date night or family outing. And there is no shortage of unique places to see films across the country, from megaplexes and IMAX theaters to majestic theaters turned into movie houses. However, sometimes nothing beats catching a movie at the drive-in. First created in 1933 just outside Camden, New Jersey, drive-ins were once one of the most popular ways to catch the latest movie in the United States. Though many have faded to obscurity with the advances in technology, there are a few theaters still operating—some were even brought back to life by the demand for socially-distant activities.

Little has changed at the Blue Fox Drive-In Theatre in Oak Harbor, Washington, since a family took over the establishment in 1988. Arcades and go-karts are also located at the theater, where guests are encouraged to pitch a tent and spend the night. At the Northfield Drive-In Theater, movie-goers can enjoy a film from their car while straddling the New Hampshire-Massachusetts state line. The projection booth was built in Hinsdale, New Hampshire in the 1940s to avoid paying two projectionists. From arguably the most giant CinemaScope screen in Pennsylvania to what is believed to be the world’s largest drive-ins, here are seven of our favorite drive-in movie experiences.