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9 Festive Holiday Treats and Where to Find Them

Tree cakes and gingerbreads and brioche baby Jesuses, oh my!

Whether it’s lechón (roast suckling pig) for Noche Buena in the Philippines or an aspic made of bathtub-raised carp in Czechia, Christmas feasts around the globe vary immensely. One united constant factor is the presence of something sweet, from moist Appalachian stack cakes to German Lebkuchen

Those looking to celebrate Christmas in true Danish fashion may want to leave a bowl of risengrød (rice pudding) out to appease any roaming mischievous sprites. In Berlin, Christmas means Baumkuchen (tree cake) cooked on a spit, while in Belgium, children dunk brioche baby Jesuses in their hot chocolate. In Yorkshire, England, it’s not Christmas without fruitcake paired with sharp, salty cheese, butt in Manitou Springs, Colorado, these oft-maligned confections get shot out of canons.