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11 Haunted Bridges That You'll Just Have to Cross When You Get to Them

What is it about bridges that is so spooky?

We love wondrous bridges: striking history, fantastic views, marvelously intricate engineering, and the convenience of getting from one side of a river, road, or valley to another. But they’re not all exactly welcoming. Some bridges seem to attract frightening legends and tales of hauntings, for bad things that are said to have happened there or creatures that lurk in their dark undersides. Some are even said to have been designed by the devil himself. 

Crossing the Richmond Bridge in Richmond, Australia, may bring you into contact with a spirit named George Grover. According to legend, Grover was brought to Tasmania as a convict, and was put in charge of a group of prisoners who were working on the bridge. He had a penchant for flogging and became known for his cruelty. It’s been said that visitors who cross the bridge at night might also get a peek at the specter of his dog. A stretch of causeway over Lake Monroe in Sanford, Florida, is said to be one of the most haunted highways in America. Below the I-4 was once the St. Joseph’s Colony, a 19th-century settlement that met its demise from an outbreak of yellow fever. Today, cars crossing the bridge are said to experience apparitions and sudden radio static. From a crossing that was used during the English witch trials to a surprising feature of London’s famous Tower Bridge, here is a collection of our favorite spans that you might at least pause before crossing.