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7 Restaurants and Bars That Celebrate American Presidents

A Clinton-themed lunch counter in Chile, an Obama shrine at a hole-in-the-wall in Hanoi, and other expressions of political fandom.

The February holiday of Presidents’ Day honors every politician who has reached the United States’ highest office. Of course, it’s impossible to feel uniformly positive about all 45 of the presidents across the position’s 233-year history. But everyone has a favorite, and sometimes this fandom gets expressed in the form of food and drink.

At Mount Vernon, George Washington enthusiasts can raise a toast to the first president while enjoying his very own whiskey recipe. In Washington, D.C., John F. Kennedy aficionados can dine on burgers in the booth where JFK proposed to Jackie Bouvier. Even all the way in Hanoi, Vietnam, a tiny table where Barack Obama and Anthony Bourdain once shared bún chả sits encased in glass, like a rare artifact.

Ranging from traditional to downright inexplicable, here are seven restaurants, bars, and distilleries that celebrate American presidents.