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10 Massively Inedible Roadside Attractions

These works of art will surely tease the palate.

The Thanksgiving holiday is usually filled with festivities among family and friends, massive amounts of food—and at times— brutally long road trips. But there is a way to beat boredom on the road that fits the spirit of the season. Dotted across the United States are enormous renditions of various foods that will add more flavor to your trip. These gigantic odes to culinary delights are much more than cliche roadside attractions, they are also works of art that have stood the test of time.

Along U.S. Highway 54-70 in Alamogordo, New Mexico stands the world’s largest pistachio. The giant nut is dedicated to Tom McGinn, a pistachio salesman who spent most of his life building his farm, PistachioLand. The 30-foot tall, giant work of art was designed using over five yards of concrete and was covered in 35 gallons of paint. The world’s largest peach can be found along Peach Road in the Peach Capital of South Carolina. Constructed in 1981, the unique water tower holds around one million gallons of water and is complete with a stem and leaf. From a giant coffee pot that always appears to be brewing a fresh cup, to a set of giant carrots that symbolize a food rescue program, these are 10 roadside food sculptures that you wish were edible.