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6 L.A. Shops with a Twist

Beyond Rodeo Drive, you'll find supplies for propmasters, time travelers, and more.

Los Angeles has long been famous for its amazing shopping. It’s a paradise for those looking for the latest in haute couture and cutting-edge designer styles. But L.A. is also home to some of the coolest offbeat shops in America, the perfect place to indulge your inner explorer. 

For example, there is the magical bookstore and performance space in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, with Instagram-worthy passageways crafted out of vintage books. If you’re looking for a refreshing, off-the-wall drink, drop by the cozy soda shop that sells over 500 flavors, from banana to bacon. If you are more into quirky and avant-garde accessories, don’t miss the bookstore/gift shop/art gallery which offers everything from macabre paintings to old-school magic tricks and rare coffee table books. Get ready to go on a shopping spree at some of L.A.’s best niche stores and shops.