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14 Places to Explore Viking Lore

The imprint of their brief ascendancy is still visible all over Europe.

From about 800 to 1050, Norse people from across Scandinavia took to the oceans to explore, trade, and pillage. Expert seafarers and navigators, the Vikings traveled far and wide. Across the British Isles, they conducted raids and crafted new kingdoms. In the Middle East, they brokered trade deals in modern-day Baghdad. They were among the most influential civilizations to emerge during the Middle Ages—a legacy that lives on today. 

Though the Viking Age was relatively short-lived, the artifacts from the period remain scattered across the globe, opening new windows into their history. From a 10th-century stronghold constructed by King Herald, to magnificent runestones that honor fallen comrades, here are 14 places to explore this lore yourself.