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Amsterdam Toy Museum

This collection of 20th-century toys is filled with a lifelong personal toy collection brought from the U.S. to Amsterdam. 


A private collector’s dream realized. Bringing together a collection of rare and obscure toys which represent the cutthroat practices in the toy busines presented as a wall-to-wall experience. It’s not aimed at young kids, but at visitors interested in the stories behind the toys.

Accompanied by over 600 Barbies, Lego, and train sets, it will elicit a feeling of shock and awe from the visitors.

If not through the sheer size of the toy collection or the fringe memorabilia of movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Nightmare Before Christmas, the fascinating background stories and anecdotes delivered with humor by the owner will definitely deliver.

Know Before You Go

It's not for young kids.

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