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Apache Drive-In Theatre is permanently closed.

Apache Drive-In Theatre

A mysterious drive-in nestled in the forest that leaves little to the imagination. 


“This is East Texas, honey. The big shiny buckle of the Bible Belt. Ain’t nobody gonna talk to you about what they do here.”

The employees of this XXX adult drive-in are less than informative, so questions regarding its ownership and operations remain unanswered, but its intent is clear - providing a discreet location for consenting adults to take in a skin flick in the privacy of their own vehicles.

With a dirt parking lot and disintegrating, dimly lit screen, the secluded spot lends to the seediness, but business must be good. It seems the ticket booth has recently been renovated, and what was once a concession stand is now home to an adult video and bookstore.

If you’re curious but would prefer to skip the show itself, you can poke around the grounds during daylight hours unmolested, but don’t expect a red carpet greeting – discretion is serious business when it comes to this type of entertainment.


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