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Attrap’Rêves Bubble Hotel

Allauch, France

Sleep in a climate-controlled plastic bubble for the night. 


“Living in a bubble” is typically associated with people sheltered from the perils of society, but in southeastern France, the concept is taken to a new, literal level. Every night, tourists in the Marseille area of France swap a conventional hotel with a transparent, climate-controlled bubble.

The Attrap’Rêves Bubble Hotel in Allauch, France features a field of plastic, soundproof pods in a forested environment, giving guests an unobstructed, 360-degree view of the surrounding nature. It’s the ultimate way to immerse yourself in the woods—from the luxury of a king-sized bed.

Each bubble is a mere 13 feet in diameter and costs just over $100 per night. The glorified fishbowls feature tables for two, electricity, showers, and scenic viewpoints in all directions. A silent wind-blower keeps the cozy cocoon inflated, and a telescope in each room lets lovers gaze at the stars. 

In addition to Allauch, Attrap’Rêves Bubble Hotels can be found in four other locations throughout southeastern France, all of which ask guests to sacrifice their personal privacy for a magical view.

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