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Australian Standing Stones

Glen Innes, Australia

A tribute to the Celtic nations that helped settle Australia.  


The Australian Standing Stones are an array of 38 standing stones that represent Celtic nations and are the Australian national monument to commemorate the involvement of the Celtic races in the building of the Australian nation.

The first stone was raised in 1991. During the ceremony, emblems from the Celtic nations were placed on the site and it was officially opened in February 1992. 

The stones are made of local granite and are meant to symbolize the ancient Celts’ strength and endurance. The stones sit less than a mile east of the township of Glen Innes and serve as the magnificent backdrop for the Australian Celtic Festival, held annually during the first weekend in May.

The festival is a celebration of all things Celtic—dance, culture, pipes and drums, re-enactment groups, and modern Celtic musicians. 

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