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Babi Besar's Abandoned Resort

Besar Island, Malaysia

Island, once a pirate hideout, now home to an abandoned resort. 


Babi Besar Island is a small island (4km or 2.5 miles long) praised for its stunning coral reefs and marine life. The white sandy beaches attract visitors from Malaysia’s mainland, and it’s a snorkelling, fishing, windsurfing, canoeing and jungle trekking destination. It is also said to have been an old pirate hideout.

Look for lesser known treasures as you follow the trail that winds its way around the island through a number of lost beaches. On the northwest side of the island is an abandoned resort. The bar and bungalows are still in place, worn and weathered from their lack of use. Because of the island’s diminutive size, both the modern amenities and the deserted remains of a resort long gone can be discovered all on foot.

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Know Before You Go

Must come by boat from Mersing. Boatrides available every day. Mersing is the local continental harbour that links all the neighbouring islands. The first boats leave around 8am. You can also book resorts at Mersing harbour with one of their many travel agencies. To Mersing : 4h drive by car from Kuala Lumpur. 1.5h drive by car from Johor Bahru. There are a few buses every day. If you prefer, you can use a taxi (70RM) to Johor Bahru

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