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Błędne Skały

kłodzki, Poland

Naturally formed rock city in Poland. 


Although they are called the Errant Rocks in English, Błędne Skały looks almost intentional. As perfectly chiseled paths lead visitors on hikes, their imaginations can run wild among the natural forms of the rocks nestled near the Table Mountains of Poland.

Set on the border between Poland and the Czech Republic, Błędne Skały has been an important passage for years in Central Europe. During the 17th century, the deep caverns and 35-foot high boulders allowed smugglers to sneak from the Czech Kingdom into the lands that are now modern-day Poland. Evidence of this illicit behavior can still be seen on the smooth sandstone rocks of the area, where a list of dates memorialize the apprehension of smugglers.

As fewer criminals passed through the area, Błędne Skały took on a life of its own in the minds of those who visited for recreation. Each rock became an entity to itself, taking on its own personality in the 54-acre preserve. Today, many of these individual weathered formations are known by names such as “Labyrinth,” “Tunnel” and “Hen’s Foot,” and beg visitors to climb and hike near their smoothed surfaces.

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