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Brännaberget Folkpark is permanently closed.

Brännaberget Folkpark

Brännaberget, Sweden

This abandoned Swedish folkpark offers an amazing view over the town of Överkalix. 


Folkparks, recreational areas created by the labor movements of the late 1800s, were once common in Sweden. With large grassy areas, playgrounds and concert stages, they were built so workers and their families could have a place to go and relax.

In the first half of the 20th century this was the natural meeting place for folks to dance, drink, eat and socialize. But times changed, and discos, nightclubs, and TV soon made the folkparks less popular.

The folkpark on Brännaberget hill outside of the town of Överkalix in northern Sweden was once a popular hub in the area. There is a long tradition of dancing, partying, and midsummer celebration here. But today it’s abandoned and falling apart.

In 2009 there were plans to build luxurious apartments for international celebrities and wealthy citizens looking for peace and quiet, something the vast expanse of northern Sweden can really offer. This was, however, stopped by the authorities because of building restrictions on the hill.

The future of the folkpark is uncertain. Until anything is decided it has become a site for urban explorers disregarding the no trespassing signs, and those who just want a breathtaking view over the town of Överkalix and the surrounding wilderness.

Know Before You Go

Brännaberget Folkpark is located on a hill a few kilometers south of Överkalix in the north of Sweden.

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