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Café Goodluck

This local institution has been serving Parsi staples since 1935. 


Irani cafes have long been an integral part of the urban culinary landscape in India, particularly in Pune and Mumbai among other places. Several of these establishments have been in existence for most part of the 20th century and are often run by the third or fourth generation members of the diaspora these days. They are known for their delectable Parsi cuisine and their vintage Old World charm.

Café Goodluck, which was started in 1935, has remained one of the most popular places in Pune since several decades. Entering the restaurant feels like stepping through a portal to the past. Cozy tables, cane chairs, wooden windows, glass bottles filled with biscuits stacked up around the counter, old pictures hung up on the walls next to vintage menus and signboards. 

Their bun maska, a soft bun typical of Irani cafes, is especially fluffy and pairs well with their omelets and egg curries. It’s best enjoyed generously slathered in butter or dunked in a strong cup of tea. They also serve kheema pav, made with spicy minced chicken. Their caramel custard is delicious and so is their signature dessert ‘Fruit Funny,’ a square slab of sweet cream on top of a mixture of diced fruits.

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Café Goodluck is located on Fergusson College Road in the Deccan Gymkhana area.

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