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Café Jack is permanently closed.

Café Jack

A "Titanic" superfan changed his name to Jack and set up this strange shrine to the blockbuster, complete with Korean food and Tarot readings. 


If the famous ocean liner Titanic had been wrecked in Los Angeles’s Koreatown rather than sunk to the depths of the Atlantic, and the passengers and crew had decided to add ramshackle extensions and decorate it with charming kitsch, this is what you would end up with.

Jack Shin, the cafe’s owner, happily admits to seeing James Cameron’s iconic weepy hundreds of times. Shin was so impressed by the blockbuster movie’s leading male character he even changed his name to Jack.

He searched diligently for boating materials, fixtures, and fittings that were just like he had seen on the big screen. Shin managed to procure a captain’s wheel, engine order telegraph, piano, photo stills, and posters before building this homage with his bare hands and opening the doors in 2007. Café Jack has a maze of private rooms, karaoke rooms, patios, snugs, and communal tables. The décor, despite its maritime theme, is very heavy on hearts, twinkling lights, and colorful fake plants. Despite its late opening hours and odd Titanic-themed, Asian Fusion menu of sushi, noodles, and pasta, people still make a point to stop by.

Café Jack doesn’t serve alcohol. However, a different type of spirit comes from Shin himself, who gives discreet tarot card readings in his booth. He might be able to warn you about a watery ending, but it’s probably more about your melting shaved ice or cooling green tea.

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